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iPOGOŽ Version 7.0 is a stand alone surveying computations program for Windows. Originating in the 1960's, iPOGOŽ has been optimized for use on today's desktops and notebooks, and is backwardly compatible with most older versions of iPOGOŽ.

is a sophisticated programming language that can be used to resolve the simplest 2D surveying computation, or to build complex survey computation object models of subdivisions where you can change one parameter, such as a right-of-way width, and the subsequent computations will automatically adjust to the new right-of-way the next time you process the model. This is one of the most powerful surveying and boundary analysis programs available with true batch file processing.

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iPOGOŽ Version 7 is now available!!!
Compatible with Windows  8.1 & 10